Who we are

Founded in 1950, the UIP – International Union of Wagon Keepers, with its seat in Brussels, is the umbrella association of national associations from fourteen European countries, thus representing more than 250 freight wagon keepers and ECMs with more than 238’000 freight wagons, performing 50 % of the rail freight tonne-Kilometres throughout Europe. The UIP represents the members’ concerns at international level. By means of research, lobbying and focused cooperation with all stakeholders and organisations interested in rail freight transportation, the UIP wants to secure on the long term the future of rail freight transport.

What we represent

As the voice for more than 238’000 rail freight wagons, we represent one of the most important resources for rail freight transportation in Europe.  At UIP our priority is to support wagon keepers and those who have a role as Entities in Charge of Maintenance in achieving higher economic performance and adapting to modern logistics chain requirements.

In economic terms, UIP stands for:

  • a 12bn € private investment in existing rolling stock
  • a yearly 400 – 500mio € private investment in new rolling stock

Private keepers' wagon fleet 2024

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Private keepers' wagon fleet in numbers

Type of wagon 2022 2023 2024
RID but not class-2 55.725 55.508 56.296
RID class 2 20.095 19.508 19.695
Non-RID 6.657 6.641 6.753
Total tank 82.477 81.657 82.744
Combined 41.381 45.830 47.896
Flat 25.846 26.211 27.425
Total intermodal 67.227 72.041 75.321
Open hopper 17.125 16.192 16.529
Covered hopper 11.278 11.264 12.839
Powder hopper 7.654 7.332 7.151
Total hopper 36.057 34.788 36.519
Covered 14.976 15.610 16.118
Open box 9.760 10.865 12.053
Total conventional 24.736 26.475 28.171
Car-Carrier 11.874 13.019 13.539
Coils 8.229 7.564 8.746
Others 3.602 3.309 3.318
Total special purpose 23.705 23.892 25.603
234.202 238.853 248.358


Our strategic objectives

Looking at improving the attractiveness and competitiveness of rail freight services in Europe, we aim to:

  • increase the awareness among policy and decision makers of the role of the wagon keepers in the railway system and in the logistics supply-chain
  • develope an economically sound long-term vision for investments in rail freight wagons
  • ensure fair market conditions between transport modes and fair intramodal competition (freight vs. passenger)
  • develop a common culture for efficient exchanges of information and relevant data among the actors in the railway system and the supply chain, including freight customers
  • promote regulatory stability and consistency at EU level to ensure wagon interoperability and safety while respecting the lifecycle of the assets (25-35 years)

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