UIP 66th Annual Report 2015

"Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it” – Maya Angelou

In the past years, the whole Railway Sector has been undoubtedly very active in asking, arguing and putting the emphasis on what decision makers have to deliver for the success of rail freight policy. Today, it remains to be seen if we have been understood and if we were smart and specific enough in getting our messages out. Between 2013 and 2014, UIP  concentrated its efforts on producing and promoting constructive and fresh ideas to cope with the challenges of Noise, the 4th Railway Package and Digitalisation. With the formal adoption of the Technical Pillar of the 4th Railway Package and the submission of an EC Staff Working Document on Noise, we have seen progress on important policy topics and the focus will need to move now towards a coherent and coordinated implementation and deployment of the legislative texts by all Stakeholders.

UIP technical note on operational aspects of using LL brake blocks

Guidelines developed by UIP Topical Committee Interoperability


 In April 2015 the UIP (Technical Committee “Economic Evaluation”) provided its national members with the detailed report “Noise – State of play”.  This report describes the status of the various initiatives taking place both at EU level and at member state level (including Switzerland) to reduce noise from rail freight traffic, and it contains appropriate recommendations for pursuing these strategies further at both levels. The report will be continually updated to reflect developments.


UIP technical note on marking of wagons with forced vent valve and vapour return

Guidelines developed by UIP Topical Committee Safety


In the past, according regional sector agreements and non-existing legislative rules, the marking of wagons flushed with nitrogen was different. Different markings may result in fatalities (injured or killed people) when entering the tank. In order to display the risk to everybody who is about to enter the tank as well as to give the operator clear information that a tank is flushed with nitrogen and ready for filling, a clear marking is necessary. This UIP Technical Note is drafted by the UIP Topical Committee Safety and provides for a Europe-wide instruction on how to mark a tank wagon flushed with nitrogen.