UIP 10th Management Report 1959

With the publication of this management report, the UIP completed the first ten years of its existence. Thanks to its intense activity, these ten years allowed achieving important results and significant progress. This will allow us to hope that in the future, the UIP will be able to defend with success the common interests of its members. The UIP would like to thank its previous presidents and staff for the work they have done.

1959 Management report is available in both German and French:

UIP 9th Management Report 1958

The 1958 General Assembly, held in Lugano on the 28th of May 1958, had a particular importance:

on the one hand, regarding the UIP external activities, 1957 was marked by the conclusion of the first step of direct collaboration and closer contacts between the UIP and the UIC; this therefore allowed drafting a report on this collaboration in the past and planning a programme for the future.

on the other hand, regarding the internal activities, the General Assembly carried out reforms which will allow a more flexible and efficient organisation of work.

1958 Management Report is available in French: