UIP 7th Management Report 1956

The General Assembly held on the 11th of May in Munich, after approving the 1955 management report and annual accounts, reviewed and approved the statutes modifications suggested by the Board Committee in order to improve the UIP functioning.

This Assembly was the last assembly of the three-year period with Mister André Doucet from the French association as UIP President.

During this period, Mister Doucet was able to ensure the unanimity of the UIP actions and develop the best relations with the UIC. This allowed progress in the resolution of our problems and brought the discussion within the UIC/UIP Working Group to a better reciprocal understanding.

1956 Management report is available in French and in German:

UIP 6th Management Report 1955

During the last year, the Board Committee held five meetings.

Apart from questions dealing with administrative issues, the Board Committee continued working for better conditions for the registration and taxation of private freight wagons. UIP representatives actively participated in the review of the RIP (Regulations concerning the International Haulage of Private Owners' Wagons by Rail) and, in collaboration with UIC (International Union of Railways) representatives, in drafting the General Charter.

1955 Management report is available in French and in German: