UIP report on Economic Assessment of ECM Certification

Report by UIP Topical Committee Economic Evaluation

In its Final Report “Economic Impact of New Rules and Regulations” (November 2011) UIP identified several cost drivers having significant impact on the wagon Keepers’ business and as such on rail freight competitiveness.

Amongst them, costs for the ECM Certification, required under the Commission Regulation (EU) 445/2011, also known as ECM Regulation, contribute to a considerable part of the increased costs for Wagon Owner / Keepers.

When drafting the Final Report in 2011, UIP assumed that Keepers with less than 1'000 wagons and / or few employees will most likely enter into service agreements with third party ECM rather than undergoing the whole and complex process of certification themselves. Based on these assumptions UIP estimated the average annual costs for ECM Certification as shown below:

  • ≥ 1’000 wagons: 78’750 €, i.e. 0,22 € per wagon and day;
  • ≥ 5’000 wagons: 155’875 €, i.e. 0,09 € per wagon and day;
  • ≥10’000 wagons: 233’500 €, i.e. 0,06 € per wagon and day.

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