Joint Implementation guide for Keepers-ECM declaration

Guidelines for the Keeper's "ECM Declaration" - Implementation Guide written by UIC, ERFA and UIP

The purpose of this document is to promote Keeper’s ECM Declaration Guidelines.

It should be understood as a joint recommendation from the publishing Associations to their mem-bers and all other parties involved enabling them to follow the outlined provisions.

This document however, does not bear any legal responsibility and it does not replace the relevant information from the original sources, namely the respective national and international legal provi-sions in force.

This document is addressed to all

  • Freight Wagon Keepers domiciled in the European Union or OTIF States for wagons belonging to them and operated in or through EU Member States and/or OTIF States;
  • Railway Undertakings operating freight trains in or through EU Member States or OTIF States;
  • Entities in Charge of Maintenance of freight wagons

It must be clearly stated that all provisions made in this document shall be intermediate only. Accessible, operational and properly updated NVRs in all EU Member States and COTIF States are the target system (see for example Directive 2008/57/EC Article 33).