UIP FAQ on EU funding and financial framework

The rail freight industry is facing the challenge to provide sustainable, efficient and competitive services. With the ongoing economic instability and changing geopolitical priorities in Europe, the rail operators and infrastructure managers are prioritising their investments and national plans to passenger and high-speed rail services. Yet, in parallel, there is political pressure to increase rail freight transportation and reduce environmental pollution such as noise.

The European Commission and the Rail Sector recognise that freight performance and rail freight competitiveness depend on a number of factors: vehicles that meet the needs of the customer, smart and innovative logistics, flexible transport optimising the exploitation of market segments, and political will and commitment from the Member States to support and secure investments in rail freight.

This Frequently Asked Questions communication aims to provide you with the current overview and clear understanding of the EU Budget figures, EU Programmes supported by EU funds, and funding options for projects of your interest. Simply click on the question of interest and you will be taken to the relevant answer section.

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