UIP technical note on wagon markings

Guidelines developed by UIP Topical Committee Interoperability

Article 4, para 4 of the Safety Directive (2004/49/EG amended by 2008/110/EC) stipulates the “responsibility of each manufacturer, maintenance supplier, wagon keeper, service provider and procurement entity to ensure that rolling stock, installations, accessories and equipment and services supplied by them comply with the requirements and the conditions for use specified, so that they can be safely put into operation by the railway undertaking and/or infrastructure manager”.

According to a presentation form the Luxembourg NSA given in October 2014 “real life wagon markings” often do not correspond with the relevant provisions in place and wagons are subsequently marked incorrectly, e.g.:

  • 33 TEN 54 6985 000 – 0 with additional marking “G2”: The marking “TEN” with “3” as 1st digit because of G2 gauge is wrong. The correct marking should contain no “TEN” and the first digit should be “8”. In addition such wagon should have an authorisation plate indicating the Member States where the wagon has been authorised. Furthermore the “G2 gauge” is neither included in Appendix C of the “new” TSI WAG nor in the “old” TSI WAG, arcticle 7.1.2.
  • 37 TEN-RIV 84 7830 000 – 0 with additional “G1” marking: depending whether the authorisation for putting into service this car was granted according the “old” or “new” TSI WAG the correct marking should be either “TEN GE” and “G1” (“old” TSI WAG) or “TEN GE” and “G1” if authorised according “new” TSI WAG and if appendix C of this TSI WAG is completely fulfilled.

To mitigate this issue the NSA Luxembourg proposed to include in the TSI WAG Application Guide clear descriptions how vehicles should be marked correctly. This will be further discussed in the ERA Working Group “TSI WAG limited revision”.

Because of the importance and urgency of this issue and after discussions with the Luxembourg NSA UIP decided to already draft guidelines on correct wagon markings. These Guidelines are addressed to Wagon Keepers and ECMs and should facilitate the correct application of wagon marking provisions in force.

These guidelines are solely applicable to wagons which were authorised for placing into service according the provisions laid down in the TSI WAG (“old” or “new”).