UIP position paper on data exchange

Position Paper on a European Strategy for an Efficient Exchange of Rolling Stock Data in Rail Freight


UIP generally supports the goals expressed by the European Commission concerning the development of a Single European Railway Area, especially removing administrative and technical barriers and developing easy and common procedures at European level. This is particularly critical and important when it comes to the question of registers.

Following the work of the ERA Task Force on Telematics Applications and in parallel to the discussions on the TAF revision, it became evident that due to the existence of numerous registers for Rolling Stock, there is a need for a register architecture at European level. Most recently at the RISC66 held on January 23 and 24, 2013 in Brussels, Mr. Patrizio Grillo of DG MOVE reminded of the importance of the registers and invited the sector to consider alternative and best scenarios for each register.
UIP sees this as an opportune time to make public its views and recommendations on “how operational databases such as RSRD² could fulfill the sector’s needs for operational data and how such databases could interact with the registers” (as mentioned in DV61EN01 – Recommendation 5, presented and discussed at RISC63).

In the following position paper, UIP presents a recommendation for an efficient, low-cost solution to registers dedicated to Rolling Stock Data. This Position Paper is addressed to the European Commission with the aim to have it taken into account in the preparation of the new ERA Working Party on vehicle registers which is to be launched in September 2013.