Letter to European Commission asking for direct funding of LL blocks

Letter from UIP to the European Commission


In preparation of the workshop on “NDTAC and other rail noise developments” on 27th April 2010 and with reference to the final report “Analysis of pre-conditions for the implementation and harmonisation of noise-differentiated track access charges” Oct. 2009 by KCW , Steer Davies Gleave and TU Berlin for EC DG TREN, as well as with reference to the CER / EIM letter to Mr Castelletti in December 2009 regarding the same topic, UIP has formed the following positions:

It is well known that rail noise affects the neighbours of rail traffic and therefore it must be the common goal of all players in the sector to reduce noise emissions in order to insure the environmental friendly character of rail transport and to maintain the high and favourable levels of acceptance of the rail in society.

However, no additional cost burden must be given to the rail transport mode.

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