Annual reports

UIP 63rd Annual Report 2012

«One should bear in mind that there is nothing more difficult to execute, nor more dubious of success, nor more dangerous to administer than to introduce a new order to things: for he who introduces it has all those who profit from the old order as his enemies, and he has only lukewarm allies in all those who might profit from the new » - Niccolo Machiavelli


Change is uncomfortable, and adapting to change is difficult and messy. But even if in rail transportation the reality of yesterday proves to be wrong today, and nobody really knows what the truth for tomorrow will be, 2012 will be remembered as a year of empowering UIP’s structure and individuals to respond to the new challenges in our industry.

UIP 62nd Management Report 2011

2011 was another challenging year for the UIP, its members and the whole rail freight sector. Market recovery after the crisis in the last decade slowed down, and competition with other modes of transport remained challenging. UIP took this into account in its activities during the year 2011. Among those activities, two new UIP working groups started their work in 2011: the working group “Economic Impact” investigated the cost impact resulting from the rules and regulations applied to rail freight cars during the last few years. The work resulted in a comprehensive report which was published in November 2011 and  which received a broad attention aiming to intensify the existing dialogue between the sector and the authorities and politicians at international and national levels; the GCU working group internally prepared the UIP proposals for a number of amendments / modifications to the GCU and reorganized the “GCU Forum”, thus becoming an effective mirror group for the GCU Joint Committee and its attached working groups.


UIP 61st Management Report 2010

2010 was another challenging year for the rail industry in general and also for UIP and its members. The transport market as a whole, especially on rail, has not yet fully recovered from the economic crisis, although rail freight transport and wagon leasing business did pick up during 2010 compared to the previous year.  Amongst a number of fields where UIP has been very active in pursuing its members’ interests, there was the follow-up to the impact and consequences of the accident in Viareggio in 2009: By implementing the EVIC program for visual inspection of wheel sets during maintenance, where UIP played a major role, the sector organizations in the ERA Maintenance Task Force and the related Joint Sector Group (JSG) demonstrated their ability to establish harmonized rules for the common benefit of the rail freight sector