Annual reports

UIP 66th Annual Report 2015

"Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it” – Maya Angelou

In the past years, the whole Railway Sector has been undoubtedly very active in asking, arguing and putting the emphasis on what decision makers have to deliver for the success of rail freight policy. Today, it remains to be seen if we have been understood and if we were smart and specific enough in getting our messages out. Between 2013 and 2014, UIP  concentrated its efforts on producing and promoting constructive and fresh ideas to cope with the challenges of Noise, the 4th Railway Package and Digitalisation. With the formal adoption of the Technical Pillar of the 4th Railway Package and the submission of an EC Staff Working Document on Noise, we have seen progress on important policy topics and the focus will need to move now towards a coherent and coordinated implementation and deployment of the legislative texts by all Stakeholders.

UIP 65th Annual Report 2014

“One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results” - Milton Friedman


2014 was an important year of renewal for the European Institutions starting with elections of the European Parliament in May 2014 and leading to the appointment of a new Commission, and Ms Violetta Bulc, as the new Transport Commissioner, at the end of the year. In this context, UIP renewed its political calls to support the development of a modern, flexible and efficient rail freight system.

UIP 64th Annual Report 2013

„Two things are necessary in our work: tireless endurance and the willingness to throw away something in which one has put a lot of time and efforts." - Albert Einstein


In 2013 the European Rail Agenda was marked by intense discussions around the publication of the 4th Railway Package in January. Ensuring that the strengthening of the role of ERA and the recast of the Safety and Interoperability Directives get the necessary attention during the legislative pro- cedure was one of UIP’s main activities. During the year, UIP called insistently on the European Institutions to support the development of a modern, flexible and efficient rail freight system.