UIP 55th Management Report 2004

The new legal framework for the use of freight wagons and the close of the first phase of the EU harmonisation work which led to the adoption of the first technical specifications package (TSI) formed the centre of interest for the UIP bodies in 2004.

The drafting initiated by the UIP in 2003 of minimum conditions for the use of freight wagons (GCU) led to intensive discussions with the UIC, joined in 2004 by ERFA, representing the private RUs, to develop together a uniform contract of use (CUU).

After a promising beginning to the negotiations, it seemed to the UIP that the interests of certain RUs were increasingly succeeding the former UIC solidarity. At the end of last year, with the will to arrive at a solution in 2005, the UIP undertook a complete redrafting of the text in order to restart the negotiations, which were at a standstill.

2004 Management Report is available in French, German and English: