UIP 54th Management Report 2003

The UIP activities in 2003 were marked in particular by two priorities:

- collaboration by the UIP on the technical harmonisation work in the AEIF working groups, and
- establishment and imposition of minimum uniform rules for the use of freight wagons at the European level ( GCU - General Conditions for the Use of Freight Wagons).

Some 20 UIP experts worked intensively in the various AEIF (European Association for Railway Interoperability) working groups to contribute the experiences and demands in the private wagon sector in the various TSI (Technical Specifications on Interoperability) of concern to the interests of the owners.

In particular in the "Rolling stock" working group, the position of the owners of private wagons in the framework of the technical harmonisation was argued over the months.

In the course of the work on the standardisation of maintenance, a legal loophole emerged in the legal position of the owner.

2003 Management Report is available in French, German and English: