UIP 53rd Management Report 2002

The UIP activities in 2002 were marked in particular by two priorities:

- work on the European technical harmonisation in the AEIF working groups, and
- establishment of the minimum uniform rules for the use of freight wagons.

At the end of 2002, almost 20 UIP experts worked permanently in the various AEIF groups to guarantee that the UIP's position in the various European harmonisation work concerning the UIP's field of activitiy was taken into account.

In this way, technical harmonisation in the rail freight sector did not take place without the activie participation of the UIP.

In the perspective of uniform minimum rules for the use of freight wagons, the prepatory work was finished towards the end of the year. The contents and form of such a system intended to replace UIC Leaflet 433 challenged by the RC members of the UIC are now available thanks to the intensive work of the UIP legal experts.

2002 Management Report is available in French, German and English: