UIP 52nd Management Report 2001

In the year 2001, the influence of the EU's liberalisation policy continued to be felt on the work of the UIP. The UIP was mandated not only to take up a position, but also to participate actively in the liberalisation process by contributing its own ideas.

Two themes are of particular interest to the UIP: telematics and maintenance. These are accompanied by the essential points of the work in the framework of "interoperability of the conventional rail system", which called for the growing intervention of UIP experts in several working groups in the framework of the EU directives.

In addition, the EU's desire to reform the European railways into units responding to the needs of the market began to have a concrete impact on relations between the RCs and the customers.

This relationship is complicated by the erosion of the traditional railway structures. Uninamous solutions, valid within the UIP, are rendered difficulu because of the collapse of the solidarity between the RCs, the nascent competitition and the arrival of new players in the market.

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