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Multimodal Alliance Statement on Digitalisation

UIP together with 21 organisations agree on priority topics for 2018 and adopt a first position paper on digitalization

Brussels, June 29th, 2017 - On June 27th, 2017, the members of the “I AM”, the industry alliance of transport chain stakeholders gathered in Amsterdam at RAI Conference Center. The meeting, which was kindly hosted by TOC 2017 organizers, allowed participants to share a number of updates about current files such as the review of the combined Transport Directive as well as to take stock of institutional initiatives regarding a number of industries of the logistics chain.
Members of the Alliance also agreed upon the main priority topics for the Alliance in 2018:
-          Single transport document
-          Connectivity and intermodality
-          Attracting and retaining talents, Training and Re-training staff to better adapt to change
Besides discussing about the upcoming priorities, members of the Alliance adopted a position paper about digitalization which sets a number of key principles, which are from their point of view, essential to enable industries in the logistics chain to gain efficiency and reliability both individually and collectively, while remaining competitive.

I AM members believe that it is important for upcoming initiatives from the Commission, particularly those consisting in financial support to new solutions, not to distort the necessary competition in the area of innovation that exists and should continue to prevail between individual commercial undertakings (be it big corporations or SMEs) belonging to different sectors of the logistics chain.

Collaboration in the supply chain seeks to deliver more efficient logistics based on data sharing, thus improving existing logistics processes. This requires an appropriate framework regarding data sharing and logistics practices to achieve the maximum benefits for the economy.

UIP believes that a stronger commitment is needed for voluntary cooperation among wagon Keepers, RUs and Infrastructure Managers

Promoting Digital Transport – views by Wagon Keepers

Brussels, June 15th, 2017 Digitalisation and Intelligent Communication Technologies (ICTs) play a key role in transport where the exchange of information is of utmost importance to facilitate the transportation of people and goods throughout Europe and around the world.  Freight Wagon Keepers are at the heart of market demand, and rely on new technologies that can improve their assets and make them more attractive to customers.

UIP, the International Union of Wagon Keepers, believes that a stronger commitment is needed for voluntary cooperation among wagon Keepers, RUs and Infrastructure Managers to exchange more information in common formats that are important for the proper maintenance and safe operations of rail freight vehicles.

UIP is very much aware that challenges remain due to complex authorisation discussions over data access rights, a lack of standards for data quality and formats, and a fear of loss of proprietary information related to traffic patterns.
Bearing in mind such challenges, UIP recommends that as the market develops:
  • a flexible decision-making structure is implemented to keep a mandatory data catalogue dynamic in nature
  •  there should be an obligation by the relevant actors to exchange operationally justified data
  • an open dialogue should be promoted among the relevant actors (including the EUAR) on the need for operating data
  • a regular review of data content is carried out for future needs of a developing industry landscape.
UIP invites you to read its leaflet.

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