Press releases

House of Rail urges action on the Commission

Members of the House of Rail held their 4th General Assembly meeting in London on Monday 20 April 2009.

For its future action programme, the House of Rail agreed that, in response to the current economic crisis, and on the understanding that there would be no EC support available to the industry, the Commission must facilitate industry to help itself grow market share, increase competitiveness and take much stronger action to ensure no unfair state aids to or price dumping by incumbents.

HoR members continue its strong support for the European Commission’s rail freight liberalisation programme, through the draft Regulation for the creation of a European network for competitive rail freight, and urging it to proceed with all speed with legal action against member states who have not implemented the First Railway Package, as well as moving forward on the Recast of the FRP. 

House of Rail welcomes the draft EC Regulation on the creation of a European Rail Network for Competitive Freight.

House of Rail members and many other customer groups lobbied hard for the European Parliament not only to accept the Commission’s draft but to strengthen it. They therefore welcome the amendments made earlier this week which:

  • increase the flexibility of the regulation,
  • involve customers and operators to a greater extent,
  • provide for a greater role for independent regulators, and
  • increase the transparency of the various activities involved, including a requirement to provide independent regulators with information.

HoR is pleased that the European Parliament did not accept certain amendments designed to neuter the regulations and make them less effective.

HoR will now study the new text of the Regulation and may propose some further improvements. Similarly, HoR will be seeking to ensure that member states support this Regulation in the Transport Council so that it can be implemented at the earliest possible time.

2nd Joint Statement - UIC, UIP, ERFA and CER on responsibility of Wagon Keeper for maintenance

The associations:

  • Welcomed that both TRAN and the Council in their decisions acknowledge the important role of the keeper of rail freight wagons as well as the need to define the term “keeper” in the Safety Directive and to clearly identify the keeper in the national vehicle registers.
  • Further welcomed that TRAN voted unanimously in favour of the sole responsibility of the keeper for the maintenance and in favour of a mandatory certification of the maintenance management of the keeper.
  • And strongly objected, for the reasons repeated below, to the proposal of the Council to introduce an additional “entity in charge of maintenance” in the Safety Directive which is not in every case identical with the wagon keeper.

The texts of the Interoperability Directive, voted in first reading by the European Parliament on December 11th, and of the Safety Directive proposed by the Council and presently subject to the tripartite conciliation procedure, compel the associations to re-issue the position that they already formulated against the notion of “entity in charge of maintenance” and against the voluntary nature of the certification of that maintenance, as advocated by the Council’s text.