Ljubljana Declaration on MFF Transport Campaign


More EU budget for Transport from UIP Rail on Vimeo. Transport coalition hands over declaration calling for more EU budget for transport to European Commissioner Oettinger on 27 April 2018 during TEN-T days in Ljubljana

UIP and more than 40 European associations representing transport, infrastructure managers, operators, contractors, local and regional authorities, logistics service providers, shippers, users and equipment suppliers in the maritime, inland waterways, railways, road, cycling, aviation and intermodal sectors, as well as supporting industries and companies, endorse the declaration requesting more EU budget for transport, and:
Acknowledge that the real EU added value of investing in the TEN-T network can only be fully realised once it has been completed, starting with the core network by 2030. The transport sector is committed to continue modernising and digitalising transport, improving safety and efficiency, enhancing interoperability and multimodality, and reducing transport CO2 emissions, for the benefit of Europe’s citizens and economy. In order to be successful, we call upon European policy makers to increase the EU budget for the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) under the next MFF to facilitate the completion of the core network, requiring 500 billion euro between 2021 and 2030. 

Believe that the Connecting Europe Facility offers the best guarantee to deliver high EU added value in the transport sector 
under the next MFF, and provides an opportunity to finance the actual deployment of sustainable transport projects. A strong CEF with responsible grant management is essential for completing the TEN-T network and greening transport, which will benefit all Europeans. An insufficient budget for transport will put the completion of the TEN-T core network at risk. More EU budget for transport is the best investment plan for Europe.

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