ERFA, ERFCP, FandL and UIP join forces to open up the rail freight market

Today, ERFA (European Rail Freight Association), ERFCP (European Rail Freight Customers Platform), F&L (European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum) and UIP (International Union of Private Wagons) have signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MoU) to work jointly towards full market liberalisation, the emerging of competing rail operators and open access to all rail facilities in Europe. The signatories encompass Shippers, Transport and Logistic Providers, Private Railway Undertakings and Private Wagon Companies and cover an important and growing segment of Rail Freight Transport. They commit themselves in future to speak with one voice in Europe on matters of common interests. Nevertheless, they will remain independent and be free to pursue issues which are particular to their respective organisations.

The signatories share the conviction that an efficient freight transport system requires higher quality and productivity of rail freight services which can only be achieved through intramodal competition.