UIP concerns about additional cost burden

UIP Members concerned about additional cost burden resulting from new regulation

International and cross-border traffic of rail freight wagons has been common and safe practice for decades – within and even outside EU member states – long time before the EU legislation on interoperability and safety entered into force.

Following the more recent EU legislation on interoperability and safety of conventional rail, the placing into service, the registration and operation of the interoperable freight wagons have to follow a new regime, which is laid down in EU Directives and Technical Specifications for Interoperability “TSI”s. Dr Eckart Lehmann, President of the UIP, states “on the one hand the new legislation has opened the railway market and namely the freight market in favor of the private wagon keepers, but on the other hand, some of the regulations imposed additional cost burden on the UIP members, which cannot be absorbed by the keepers”.

Therefore the UIP has taken the decision to establish an internal working group in order to
  • - investigate the cost impact to the UIP members resulting from existing and future legislation,
  • - propose the optimum solution to the sector platforms and the EU authorities with the goal to balance the cost and benefit from the point of view of the private wagon keepers
and thus to effectively serve and support the mechanism of impact assessment already in place during the drafting of new EU legislation.