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Date: Monday 23 November 2020, -, : , Contact : UIP Staff

CSM Assessment of Safety Level and PErformance

This mandate to the European Union Agency for Railway, as referred to in Article 6(2) of Directive (EU) 2016/798, concerns the drafting of the common safety methods for assessing the safety level and the safety performance of railway operators at national and Union level.

These common safety methods (CSM) shall provide a comprehensive methodology for assessing the safety level and the safety performance of railway operators. They will take into account the experience gained from the general developments and progress made in the field of occurrence reporting and analysis and its use for the assessment of safety level and safety performance of railway operators, in particular railway undertakings and infrastructure managers. The related methods to be implemented for these assessments are currently performed by the railway undertakings and infrastructure managers themselves in the context of the monitoring of their own activities as required today by Regulation (EU) No 1078/2012, as well as by the national safety authorities and the Agency in the course of the performance of their own responsibilities. This mandate does not encompass the entities in charge of maintenance but this possibility could be envisaged at a later stage.