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Date: Friday 27 September 2019, 11:00-13:00, Location : Brussels (BE), Contact : UIP Staff
Shift2Rail User-Requirements/Implementation and Deployment Working Group

The UR/ID WG assists the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking:
  • in specifying the operational and maintenance-related user needs
  • in ensuring that technical solutions planned and developed within S2R meet the specific needs of all relevant end users
  • in fostering the operational reliability of the results of Shift2Rail
  • in ensuring the market uptake of the technical solutions developed through the Shift2Rail activities, taking particular care of European standardisation and regulation
  • facilitating exchanges of information on initiatives, projects and partnerships dealing with the thematic areas of each of the Innovation Programmes (IPs)/CCA identified in the Shift2Rail Master Plan and MAAP;
  • delivering opinions, submitting reports, or developing and proposing innovative solutions to the Joint Undertaking

 The Commission and the European Railway Agency attend the working group meetings as observers.