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Date: Tuesday 25 June 2019, 09:30-11:00, Location : Brussels (BE), Contact : UIP Staff
RFC - Issue Log: real time train communication about train composition task force meeting

Project aim:
  • locate trains on the network 
  • link information on train composition to trains - Enable real time communication between RUs and IMs about the composition of trains (length, electrified or diesel locomotive, etc.).
-> This would allow RUs and their customers to track individual trains and wagons in real time
a. Train Composition message (TCM) with limited national parameters
b. Mapping of TCM to HERMES 30 (2)
c. Exchanging of TCM
d. Linking TCM to train running information (TIS)
e. Getting distance information based on trains and wagons
  • September 2019: Technical Infrastructure and System shall be ready
  • November 2019: Pilot shall be carried out