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Date: Tuesday 18 June 2019, 11:00-17:00, Location : EU, Contact : TC GCU
GCU Joint Committee

The GCU Joint Committee is made up of representatives from the three associations: UIC, ERFA and UIP:  UIP and UIC with five members each and ERFA two members.

The Joint Committee shall:

  • propose the trustee to take on the tasks of the GCU Bureau and where necessary propose to terminate its term with immediate effect. The same shall apply to the auditors;
  • make proposals for amendments and additions to the GCU;
  • review all questions of common interest in connection with the GCU and set up ad hoc groups where necessary;
  • decide whether or not to accept the petitions of other associations representing RUs or wagon keepers to be admitted to the Joint Committee, as well as on changes of points 1 and 2 related thereto. Of such decisions the signatories shall be informed via the GCU Bureau.