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Date: Friday 29 March 2019, 11:45-16:00, Location : Brussels (BE), Contact : UIP Staff
TAF/TAP Steering Committee

The roles and responsibilities of the TAF/TAP Telematics Steering Committee are described in the section 7.1.4 of the TAF TSI, namely: the SteCo shall provide for the strategic management structure to efficiently manage and coordinate the work for implementing the RU/IM Telematics TSI. This shall involve setting the policy, the strategic direction and prioritisation. In doing so, the Steering Committee shall also take into account the interests of small undertakings, new entrants, and railway undertakings providing specific services; the SteCo shall monitor the implementation progress. It shall regularly report to the European Commission about the progress achieved compared with the master plan. The Steering Committee shall take the necessary steps to adjust open tasks in the case of a deviation from the master plan; the SteCo shall guarantee that the interests of the passenger RUs and freight RUs are respected in all matters concerning the RU/IM communication.