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Date: Tuesday 19 March 2019, 13:00-16:00, Location : Paris (FR), Contact : TC GCU
UIC GCU Working Group on Appendix 9/11

The General Contract of Use for Wagons (GCU) is a multilateral contract based on the international convention COTIF 1999 and Annex CUV. The GCU specifies the mutual rights and obligations of Wagon Keepers (K) and Railway Undertakings (RU) with regard to the use of rail freight wagons as a means of transport throughout Europe and beyond. Since its start in July 2006, the GCU has grown to an impressive network of more than 600 signatories across 20 countries, with more than 600,000 wagons currently declared in the GCU wagon database. The Working Group on Appendix 9 and 11 deals with amendment proposals regarding the conditions for the technical transfer inspection of wagons and inscriptions and signs on wagons. Commonly agreed amendments proposals are submitted to the GCU Joint Committee before being handed over for vote to the GCU signatories.