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Date: Wednesday 13 February 2019, 09:00-16:00, Location : Brussels (BE), Contact : UIP Staff
INNOWAG Advisory Board meeting

The INNOvative monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions on lightweight WAGon project responds to the first Open Calls issued by the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking, as part of Shift2Rail Horizon 2020 programme. It specifically addresses the topic S2R-OC-IP5-03-2015: Intelligent freight wagon with predictive maintenance. This topic is complementary with topic S2R-CFM-IP5-02-2015: Start-up activities for Freight Automation. The INNOWAG project will work towards increasing rail freight competitiveness and the development of the next generation of lightweight and intelligent freight wagons by addressing specific challenges in the three essential areas, identified by the call, through three subsequent work streams, namely:
- Work Stream 1 (WS1): Cargo condition monitoring;
- Work Stream 2 (WS2): Wagon design; and
- Work Stream 3 (WS3): Predictive maintenance.