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Date: Thursday 25 October 2018, 10:00-17:00, Location : Lille (FR), Contact : UIP Staff

ERA Working Party TAF TSI Revision

The purpose of this WP is the revision of the TAF TSI addressing issues related to railway customers, aiming at harmonizing the exchange of information between actors. The revision aims to facilitate the deployment of harmonised protocols and processes for exchanging information between railway actors will enable RUs and lMs to permanently locate freight trains and exchange documents related to the carried goods. Above deployment of those harmonised protocols and processes will be done in a multimodal environment where special attention will be paid to aspects such as information exchange towards emergency systems in freight or connection to other modes of transport.

Proposed changes will facilitate TAF TSI implementation for stakeholdears by easing system requirements and so reducing costs; making train and consignment movements more transparent and predictible.

The scope is limited to the revision of the following TAF TSI functions:

  • Soft compliance (ch 4.2.1 and
  • Inclusion of available ELETA elements for ETA calculation
  • Better access to tracking data for customers
  • Inclusion of CCM process which has been harmonised with the TAP CCM process