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Date: Monday 28 May 2018, 10:30-15:45, Location : Brussels (BE), Contact : UIP Staff
RISC expert group on the technical pillar of the 4th Railway Package

The purpose of the Task Force is to accompany the preparatory phase of the implementation of the Technical Pillar of the 4th railway package (called here-under "the new regime") for both ERA and EC tasks and acts. Taking into account the informal agreement on the technical pillar and the probability of an adoption early 2016, January 2019 is taken as a working assumption for the starting date of the new regime. The Expert Group is composed of members of the Railway Interoperability and Safety Committee (RISC) and drive the preparatory work towards the successful delivery of the necessary preparatory activities.
The reasons for having an Expert Group under the auspice of the RISC are:
1.       To ensure the right level of Commitment: to finalise the projects necessary within the framework of the 4RWP, MS, sector organisations and NSA need to be involved in order to get the right level of involvement and commitment;
2.       To provide the necessary Mandate: having a TF at RISC level for driving the preparation of the 4RWP will provide the necessary basis for organising preparatory activities pending the entry into force of the new legislation;
3.       To inform as early as possible RISC members of the stage of development of the whole programme in order to Facilitate the decision making process of the RISC Committee during the transition period.

During this meeting, the main topics to be discussed will be:
-          The preparation of the delegated act on technical specifications for interoperability (TSIs)
-          The preparation of the implementing act on fees and charges.