Title Modified Date
UIP report on the changes in RID 2017 23 January 2017
Joint Statement on the launch of the Industry Alliance for Multimodal Connectivity and Logistics 08 December 2016
Railway Sector Declaration on Boosting International Rail Freight 21 June 2016
UIP debates a bright future for rail freight with Italian representatives from the freight sector, Minister Graziano Delrio and MEP David Sassoli 29 June 2016
Activity: Rail statistics 24 November 2016
Activity: Rail Freight 26 January 2017
Joint Statement on wagonload traffic 02 March 2016
Joint letter to the European Commission on the setting up of European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) 11 March 2016
UIP FAQ on EU funding and financial framework 04 March 2016
UIP debates Increasing Efficiency in Rail Freight 02 March 2016
Comparative study on road and rail safety in freight transport: Safety levels for rail freight are substantially higher 02 March 2016
UIP promotes a better sharing of information among rail actors 17 May 2016
Rail sector publishes high level vision 02 March 2016
Rail sector recognizes outstanding technical achievement of Dr Nicolin 08 March 2016
UIP report on Economic Impact of new rules and regulations 04 March 2016
UIP reports on significant cost increase 02 March 2016
Joint letter to the European Commission for more interoperability and stronger ERA 11 March 2016
Rail freight sector needs EU action 03 March 2016
House of Rail defines an Action Plan to help deal with the economic downturn 03 March 2016
House of Rail urges action on the Commission 03 March 2016