Group of Representative Bodies (GRB)

GRB is the Group of European railway associations and therefore gathers CER, EIM, UNIFE, EPTTOLA, ERFA, UITP, UIRR, Fedecrail and as guests UIC and NB Rail.
Through the Group of Representative Bodies, UIP and other associations of the Railway Sector exchange opinions and develop common positions and initiatives.
GRB’s key elements are:
·         Monthly meetings between associations’ staff in charge of following ERA work and 4 times a year meeting between associations’ general secretaries
·         Rotating Secretariat and Chairmanship
·         Key role in supporting the rail sector’s input to the European Union Agency for Railways
·         (ERA) work programme and its effect on safety and interoperability
·         Actions on Interoperability, Safety, Research, and Standardisation
More details on its website: grbrail.eu

GRB Representatives met Josef Doppelbauer (EUAR Executive Director) - June 2016
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